About the Plastocene

There is a great deal of talk about Earth’s entry into a new geological epoch.  Some say the “Anthropocene” is the right name for a world whose every square inch has been sullied by human-caused pollution.

Celebrating our mess by naming a planetary epoch in our honor might, in the end, be a bit twisted. There is so much yet to be determined about the shape of the epoch in front of us.

As we figure out the path ahead, we need to make some big decisions about how to approach a world that has already been impacted so greatly. The responsibility could hardly be greater. For as we make these decisions, new technologies are coming on line that vastly extend our capacity to transform all aspects of our surroundings. The processes that have shaped the Earth over four and a half billion years will increasingly be shaped by Homo sapiens. Thanks to new technologies, the surrounding world is becoming increasingly pliable.

More than the Anthropocene, we are entering into the “Plastocene.”

These pages are the work of an environmental philosopher who is mildly alarmed about the power and potential consequences of some of these world-shaping technologies.

Decisions about the world we want to create belong to everyone. Opening up the character of these decisions is the purpose of this blog.