Listen up….

Wondering how to think about the ethics of the Plastocene, the Synthetic Age, and other things technological and wild? You will find a few ideas in the podcasts and audio files below:


A New Angle on “The Ethics of Data Driven Persuasion” (2/5/19) with Justin Angle

Examining Ethics on “Facing the Synthetic Age” (1/30/19) with Christiane Wisehart

Future Tense on “We are Entering the Synthetic Age” (7/29/18) with Anthony Funnell

Futureproof on “The Synthetic Age” (7/28/18) with Jonathan McCrea

The Write Question on “Confronting the Synthetic Age” (6/6/18) with Sarah Aronson

A New Angle on “Philosopher for the Synthetic Age” (4/24/18) with Justin Angle



Image by Andrei Lazarev